Hi Bob and Margaret,
Milo turned two today! He is such an amazing part of our family, I don't know what we did without him. He is so lovable and smart, we call him our Velcro dog! Thank you for this wonderful boy!
Carolyn M

Milo turned two today!
November 2, 2017

Hi Bob and Margaret...
I can't believe it's time for this email already! I wanted to keep you guys up to date on Chewy since he's already going to a year old this Friday! As I told you before, we just couldn't be more in love with him and he's the perfect doggy for us! He amazes us every day how active he is and how fast he can run. He's also OBSESSED with playing fetch... he's gotten very good at it and brings the ball back every time. He is the exact look we wanted with his dark tan curly hair and teddy bear face.. and he weighs in at 16 Lbs. He has a very sweet and loyal personality with a little bit of sassiness and a lot of playfulness. We couldn't be more happy with your services and I have written a 5 star review on yelp for hill peak in hopes to inform others who are looking for a cavapoo to join their family! I'll attach some current pics of Chewy below for you guys.. Take Care!

November 2, 2017

Hi Bob and Margaret,
I have attached a photo of my dog for you to see. This was taken this past summer on our boat. He is an absolute love.

I read your book and trained him how you said and he is by far the best dog I have ever owned!!! I rave about you both and your litters even to this day.

I can't thank you both enough for approving me for one of your pups. Karleen S

I am the proud parent of one of your pups..
November 2, 2017

Hi, Bob and Margaret!

This is the Samuels-Taylor family. We adopted this adorable puppy in January and just wanted you to know that Samba is the love of our lives! He is one of the best decisions we have ever made. And your breeding has turned out to be as impeccable as it sounds. We are so thankful for your breeding program and we want EVERYONE to know how wonderful it is to own a cavapoo from Hill Peak!

Samba's growth
November 2, 2017

Hi guys!

Our little lady went to the vet this morning for her yearly check up and shots and she's doing so well! At 1 year almost 4 months she is 10lbs 10oz. She is such a smart little girl and the friendliest dog around :) wanted to send you a few recent pictures. Hope you guys are well!

November 2, 2017
Penny is 1 year old now
April 3, 2019
Hi Bob and Margaret - We have been meaning to email you for a long while to give you an update on Finn who is now coming up to his 1st birthday in August. From the moment he arrived at the Victoria airport, he has been the most loveable, friendly and adorable dog we have ever known. He puts a smile on everyone's face he comes across and is well-loved by all who know him. And he's extremely smart and also a wee bit stubborn! He has been an avid walker/hiker from a very young age and has recently learned to swim and play Frisbee … oh, and to shake a paw (which he now does whenever you ask him to do ANYTHING!) In Victoria, we have beautiful walking trails and parks nearby and Katie and I live 10 minutes from the ocean so he is truly spoiled when it comes to places to play. Attached are photos of his graduation (came 1st in his class in the stay category) and sitting outside at a restaurant at Whistler (he wasn't actually drinking the beer). Just wanted to thank you for the most wonderful dog ever!!! Love, Joan and Katie Victoria, B.C.

Hello from Finn