Tips for House Training

by Bob Handman

“The Dog Handyman”

I believe the most important part of owning a happy well balanced dog is to have a well trained obedient dog. The four basic commands your puppy must learn are: Sit, stay, heel and come, but you also have to house train your puppy at the same time. Let’s cover house-training.

If he stops paying attention to you and starts wandering and sniffing he probably has to go out.

When feeding your puppy (three times a day) feed him at the same times each day.

Always take him out shortly after any of those situations and also after playtime. The timing of this depends on the puppy, anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. You’ll discover the timing with your puppy in just a day or two.

If the place is a grass covered area he will instinctively eliminate when his feet are on grass. The same holds true for gravel, concrete, etc. The same instinct holds true for whatever you let him get used to, i.e., your kitchen floor, carpeting: whatever you let him get used to.

When taking your puppy out it will be easier after you have leash trained him, which you should have done in the first few days of bringing him home.