These pictures will give you an idea of your new puppy’s development from birth until 8 weeks of age.

IMG_12902-390x333This puppy is one day old, she was born March 10th. We named her Colette

IMG_13462-540x248March 24 and Colette is now 2 weeks old, her eyes have been open for 1 day

IMG_1405-540x414April 10th, Colette is 4 weeks old, Colette is getting weaned onto raw chicken, she is playing and interacting with her mother and siblings.

IMG_1523-536x542April 21, Colette is 6 weeks old

IMG_1630-429x510May 5, Colette is now 8 weeks old and ready to leave for her new home with her new family.   The puppies are so loving and sweet at this age it’s hard to let them leave!