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Workout Towel

If you have never worked out in a gym before, this might be the right time to do it; regular physical activity is the foundation of any healthy lifestyle. Before you do that, however, don’t forget to get a workout towel with you. At TowelTech, we offer you a revolutionary piece that will reshape your gym experience.

Do you need to take a towel to the gym?

Yes, you absolutely need to. People often don’t realize how dirty gyms can be, as the humid environment leads to excessive bacterial growth. Many gyms perform regular cleaning and disinfection, but that’s not always fail-proof. You should take your own precautions on the side.

You need a towel to wipe your sweat during more intense workout sessions, protect you against bacterial infections, and cover the equipment you’re touching, to protect others from your bodily fluids. It’s a matter of public hygiene, and many gyms force you to have a towel, special clothing, and gym shoes during your training. It is also vital to know that not all towels are alike.

What is the best gym towel?

The best towel should come with a variety of functions which may skip a more inexperienced eye. It’s not just about features like color, design, size, or shape. Yet, most people choose their towels precisely according to these features. We believe that a useful piece should provide much more than an eye-candy effect.

We have designed a high-tech workout towel that offers features no other product will provide you with. Here we include:

  • Protection against bacteria and odors – It’s no secret to anyone that sweat smells bad. In a room filled with sweaty people, the effect will be even greater. Our TENCEL fiber technology eliminates that problem, as it provides an incredible absorption rate, as well as protection against germs and bacteria.
  • Utility features – Our towel comes with a detachable magnet which you can use to secure it to any metal surface you need, and a zipper mesh pocket where you can hold your phone, keys, or anything else. Now you no longer need to fear about missing important calls just because you can’t hear all the way to the locker-room.
  • Useful color design – It’s not a good idea to wipe your face with the side of the towel that’s been laying all over the gym equipment. Our towel features a two-color design to help you memorize which side goes where.

What should I bring to a workout?

A water bottle is a must-have, along with changing clothes, gym shoes, some supplements, and, of course, a towel. We would argue that, while some pieces are disposable, the workout towel is not one of them. You absolutely need to have one, for safety reasons, and out of respect for other people in the gym.

At TowelTech, we’re not offering you a regular towel, but one an incredibly advanced piece of technology. If you’re already packing your bags to begin your gym journey, don’t forget to visit our website first!